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Make A Statement

No Taxation Without Representation

Although our WPT sportswear is attractive and functional we are not entering the world of fashion in hopes of strutting down a runway.  We’re introducing a line of high-quality sportswear to help promote our message, “No taxation without representation.”  We are hoping many of you will join us in our effort to tear down the powerful influence of big money and the pay for play system running the show.  We the people have a voice, it’s time we use it.  We are better together because we are stronger together.  Help WPT spread the message of empowerment. “No taxation without representation.”  This campaign is not about Democrats or Republicans nor Liberals vs Conservatives, it’s about how the process of governing needs to get back in the hands of the people, not the big money special interest groups.


Join us! We are not selling sportswear, we are selling Missionwear! Let’s show them the people's voice.

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